Some Quotes about Tony:

“Tony Cimorosi turns in a first rate CD full of great original compositions and burning playing. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Randy Brecker – Jazz Legend


“Cimorosi is a monster bassist and a fine composer. He has assembled a top-notch band to play well written music. His guest serve his music well. Not too committed to any one style, free to borrow from many; Horizon offers an eclectic view of modern jazz.”

Dave Miele – Jazz Improv Magazine


“Im really enjoying the new Horizon CD. Congratulations, this is great music! The NS sounds wonderful, and so does the Abe Rivera contra bass. You play with a whole lot of style, and the energy is satisfying for the soul. It certainly is a beautiful achievement Many thanks!”

Ned Steinberger – NS Designs


“Thanks to the pioneering work of two masters, Stanley Clarke and the Lamentably Jaco Pastorious the electric bass has achieved a prominence all its own in the world of jazz. You can add a name to the pantheon of bright players; Tony Cimorosi.”

Brian Delp – WBGO radio 88.3


“Tony pumps the muscular stuff, but adds the thick pungent spice found on at the bottom of a B string.”

Tom Mulhern Guitar Player Magazine


“Tony Cimorosi is a nationally recognized jazz-fusion virtuoso on the electric bass.”

George Graham – WVIA radio 90.5


“Bassist Tony Cimorosi is destined to ascend the ladder of jazz bassists. His is a style that encompasses the ever-essential commanding groove, as well as highly expressive soloing abilities. In this day and age, most electric bassists in the jazz idiom choose to dazzle the listener with pyrotechnic chops displays. Such is not the case with Cimorosi- he, in the tradition of Scott LaFaro and Eddie Gomez, accomplishes the very difficult feat of making his bass an instrument capable of evoking an immediate emotional response from the listener.”

Adrian WellMusicians Exchange Magazine